Cursed Images Of Food: Special Dinner 🍲

posted on July 19, 2021 July 19, 2021
Cursed Food Image: Dog preparing food in the kitchen. It's going to be special. Wow.

Welcome to my six course dinner. Bon appetit!
– Chefe

Chefe’s six course dinner is a full course meal with different customs and unique assortment of food. This special menu has a rich, diverse history from many regions that is a result of evolving food trends over time. Enjoy! #food

Cursed Course #1 (Amuse-bouche): Pickle Sniiiiiiick

Cursed Food Image: I turned snickers into a pickle! Boom! Big reveal: It's a snickle.

Cursed Course #2 (Appetizer): Taste of Cambodia

Cursed Food Image: 3 fried tarantulas with sauce on a plate. Much exotic. Wow.

Cursed Course #3 (Salad): Entomologist Dream

Cursed Food Image: A colorful bug salad. What is it? Crickets?

Cursed Course #4 (Main course): Ratata and Potatoes

Cursed Food Image: Fried rat and potatoes.

Cursed Course #5 (First dessert): Pieceless Pie

Cursed Food Image: Poorly cut pie. Has someone been eating this already?

Cursed Course #6 (Second dessert): Extra Tastestial

Cursed Food Image: Cinammon roll E.T. probably not gonna get home. Wow.


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